2023 Youth Antelope Hunt

Our 2023 Big Game hunting season kicked off with our October Antelope Hunt, our best hunt yet! All 7 young men harvested their first big game animal, and we’re so grateful for the 100% success rate God blessed us with! The hunt occurred on 80,000 acres of private land where Tri-State Outfitters generously provided the […]

Day 3 Of The Antelope Hunt: Camp Life

We’ve given much attention to the Campfire Talks and the hunts themselves, for they’re the primary way we help guide teens into Christian Manhood. The hunts arm them with skills that result in confidence, and the Campfire Talks help them to think about masculinity. But there’s more to these hunts….so much more! (The picture above […]

Day 2 Of The Antelope Hunt – God Blessed Us So Richly!

Day 1 saw us setting up base camp, putting rounds downrange, enjoying antelope spaghetti, and our first Campfire Talk. Day 2 was our first day of hunting and what a day it was! Five of the young men made outstanding shots in downing their first antelope! Their animals were certainly well-earned. Nearly everyone experienced a […]

The Antleope Hunt is Off to a FANTASTIC Start!

Hello from Hunting Camp! Yesterday was Day 1 of our Youth Antelope Hunt and we’re off to a fantastic start! We’ve got 7 great young men from 5 different states here, with 25 people total in camp. It was a total team effort in establishing our base camp of wall tents and then we hit […]

The Youth Hunt BBQ Was a PHENOMENAL Success!

On Sunday, October 8th, approximately 50 youth, mentors, guides, and cooks gathered for the 2023 Youth Hunt BBQ, and it was an incredible experience! God blessed us with perfect weather, a gorgeous sunset, good food, and camaraderie. The purpose was to get everyone going on the three hunts together to get to know each other […]