Meet Chad Vermeer, OMM’s Newest Board Member!

We’re incredibly excited to welcome Chad Vermeer to OMM’s Board of Directors! Chad guided for us on the October pronghorn hunt, demonstrating his huge heart, hunting skill, and passion for serving young men. Chad shares a few thoughts below and photos of his incredible family. Welcome to the OMM Leadership Team, Chad!

What are your passions and hobbies? Anything set in front of me by the Spirit, even if it feels uncomfortable. I hear God most clearly when in the outdoors; therefore I love being outdoors.  Hunting, fishing, exploring.  

Why did I get involved in OMM? Passions and hobbies go hand in hand with the mission of OMM.  It was a natural fit with my lifestyle and beliefs.  Additionally, as a father of two amazing sons, I could see how they thrived from the outdoor adventures we shared as they grew into God-fearing men. I believe young men in today’s society are struggling to find confidence and leadership instilled by God. OMM helps set the stage for future development into Christian manhood.  

What makes it such a powerful, life-shaping experience for these young men? The experience OMM can provide for these young men is unparalleled. The opportunity to have an adventure outside of anything they have experienced prior is something that can shape their future and likely something they will carry into the maturing years of finding manhood. Doing adventure is exciting!  Being able to have adventure with God-fearing role models is priceless.