a father and son walk through the valley

Every boy has questions on their journey to manhood. Men provide the compass for that journey.

What does it mean to be a man? How do I become one? What are the right things that a woman needs from a godly man? How do I become truly alive? Our mission is to implement Christian-based wilderness programs through which teenaged boys advance on their journey in becoming capable, Christ-centered men.

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America Is In a Crisis of Fatherless Teens.


More than 33% of teenaged boys live without a father figure in the home (U.S. Census Bureau)


Fatherless teens are twice as likely to commit suicide, drop out of high school or end up in jail (National Center for Fathering)


90% of runaway teens have an absent father (All4Kids.org)

Other teens have a father figure in their life but the man needs help teaching the boy outdoor skills or talking about Christian masculinity.


We believe two key components in becoming a capable, Christian man are confidence acquired through outdoor skills and honest discussions about masculinity. Skills gained through our wilderness canoeing, big game hunting, and winter adventure trips, combined with “campfire talks” about manhood, will result in increased confidence and a better understanding of their journey to Christian manhood.

This we must understand: Masculinity is bestowed. A boy learns who he is and what he’s made of from a man or a company of men. This can’t be learned in any other way. It can’t be learned from other boys and it can’t be learned from the world of women.

John Eldredge, The Way of the Wild Heart

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