Fall: Colorado Deer Hunting

Status: Operational

During this 3-day hunt you’ll experience the thrill of hunting mule deer in Northwest Colorado.

The Hunt
You’ll hunt in a State-Designated Youth Area where only teens and their mentors are allowed.  This results in light hunting pressure and a tremendous number of deer, with sightings of 50 deer per day being the norm.  Only primitive weapons are allowed (we provide in-line muzzleloaders with scopes, allowed during the state’s rifle season).  The hunt occurs in late October and mentors can also hunt (though not required to).  Guides are provided to lead, teach, and ensure the hunt’s conducted safely.

Base Camp
Base camp is at a nearby State Park which has modern bathrooms, showers, and electric hookups.  Teens and mentors are housed in wall tents complete with cots, heaters, lights with good meals.

Acquired Skills
Through both a hunting class at Base Camp and experience gained in the field, teens and mentors will acquire the following skills:

  • Understanding Deer Behavior
  • Hunting Techniques:  methods, stalks, etc.
  • Marksmanship
  • Game Care (guides will assist with field dressing)

Pre-Hunt Requirements

  • Hunter Education: Both teen and mentors must complete a State Hunter Education Program prior to March 25th the year of their hunt (Director will assist with sign up).
  • Deer Tag: Hunters must enter in the Colorado Big Game Lottery to draw a deer tag.  Lottery submission date is during the first week of April (Director will assist with the process.  Success rates in drawing a deer tag have been 100% in previous years).
  • Marksmanship:  Due to time limitations, teens must learn to shoot accurately prior to the hunt. They  must be capable of shooting a 3-inch group with a scoped rifle at 100 yards.  Muzzleloader familiarization will occur at a nearby range the afternoon prior to the first day of hunting.

Campfire Talks
Discussions about Christian masculinity will occur throughout the trip.  For more information click here.

The only cost to teens/mentors is their transportation to/from Base Camp and a Colorado hunting license/deer tag.

Want to help with those costs? Make a donationsponsor a teen or purchase equipment and you can make a difference!