Would You Like To Serve God On One Of Our Big Game Hunts?

We’re super excited because we’ve selected the twenty youths who will go on our Big Game Hunts! Now we’re focused on finding men willing to support them on our three hunts. We need guides, mentors, and cooks: what could be more fun than being the hands and feet of Jesus through big game hunting?

Below are separate links that describe the duties for each and include a link to a short application form. If you’d like to help us guide these teens into Christian manhood, please submit the brief application in the link below by April 1st.

If you know of a man who would be a good fit as a guide, mentor, or cook, please forward the info on to them!

Interested in Being A Guide? Click HERE

Interested In Being A Mentor? Click HERE

Interested in Being A Cook? Click HERE

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Guiding Teens Into Christian Manhood”