We’re Launching Our Inaugural Boundary Water Wilderness Canoe Trip This Summer!

For those unfamiliar with OMM’s Strategic Plan (posted next week, btw), we’ve always planned on doing three types of trips: Big Game Hunting, Wilderness Canoeing, and Winter Adventure. We’ve done the big game hunts for the past four years and are excited to launch our first wilderness canoe trip this summer!

Eight youth/mentors will venture into the Boundary Waters Wilderness Canoeing Area on the Minnesota/Canadian border this June. If you’ve never heard of Boundary Waters, picture over 1,000 pristine lakes amongst 1.2 million acres of wilderness. Regulations prohibit all roads, buildings, and motors. Every lake is as God created it; no cabins or pontoon boats mar nature, nor does the roar of outboard motors drown out the sounds of loons and wind through the pines. The fishing’s fantastic; we’ll see bald eagles, loons, and occasional moose or bear.

This first adventure is a “validation trip.” Over the past several years, we’ve invested tremendous amounts of money, time, and effort in identifying an excellent destination lake, acquiring permits, and resourcing the canoes, tents, sleeping bags, fishing gear, etc., necessary to run these trips. All of this year’s participants have been on a youth hunt and include several of our Board of Directors. We’ll validate we’ve got things right: did we bring enough food? Is the route too easy or hard? How long does it take the young men to portage their gear? We’ll learn lessons that will prove invaluable when we take new youths in 2024 (we’ll accept applications for those trips late this year).

Get ready to follow along with us as OMM takes to the water!