The Youth Hunt BBQ Was a PHENOMENAL Success!

On Sunday, October 8th, approximately 50 youth, mentors, guides, and cooks gathered for the 2023 Youth Hunt BBQ, and it was an incredible experience! God blessed us with perfect weather, a gorgeous sunset, good food, and camaraderie. The purpose was to get everyone going on the three hunts together to get to know each other before the hunt. The young men learned to throw axes and shoot archery, with prizes for the best shots! Those going on January’s Combo Hunt drew names to determine who will hunt what species! Besty provided incredible live fiddle music! And the stories and laughter around the fire lasted well into the evening. Check out the pics below!

Time for a prayer request – our Pronghorn Hunt is this week! Seven young men supported by a huge team of volunteers will chase after “speedgoats,” as they try downing their first pronghorn. We’ll stay in wall tents and eat hearty meals. The young men will hear from a Colorado Parks & Wildlife Officer, receive hunting classes, and spend time shooting at the range. Most importantly, however, they’ll undergo our ‘Campfire Talks,’ which are biblically-based discussions about Christian manhood. Oh, and we’ve even got a professional videographer with us to produce a brand-new OMM Promotional Video!

It would be wonderful if you could specifically pray for each young man on the hunt. You’re all Prayer Warriors for Of Mountains & Men and this week is where we truly seek to guide teens into Christian manhood. The great young men on the trip are Israel, James, Austin, Justus, Adrian, Lincoln and Colton.

Hoka Hey, it’s time to hunt!