The SCHEELS Giving Campaign Is Almost Here! Please Vote For Us!

Our local SCHEELS store is donating $100,000 to local charities through their Giving Campaign! Help fund OMM by taking 30 seconds to vote for us!

The Colorado Springs SCHEELS store has been a HUGE supporter of OMM! They’ve donated more than $5,000 and a large amount of camping gear, both of which have been critical in helping us guide dozens of young men into Christian Manhood. This year, they’re donating $100,000 to local charities, and we need your help!

It’s simple and easy. This Friday, November 17th, they’ll open their voting window, which closes on December 1st. The next several OMM posts will include a link for you to vote for OMM – it’s extremely simple and quick (SCHEELS won’t do anything with your email address like sending you unwanted promotions or selling it). One vote is allowed per email address. PLEASE take a moment to invest in the future young men experiencing OMM’s life-shaping adventures by taking 30 seconds to vote for us! We’ll post the info on our OMM Facebook and Instagram pages too – whatever you can do to help the young men of OMM, such as forwarding this blog to your contacts or posting on your social media accounts (links to OMM’s social media sites are at the FB/IG icons below) would be so deeply appreciated.