The Inaugural OMM Youth Canoe Trip Was a TOTAL Success!

We’ve just come off the water from our very first Youth Wilderness Canoe Trip and are in awe of how richly God blessed this epic adventure. Thank you for your prayers!

Over the next few weeks, you’ll see lots of pics capturing the tremendous fishing, canoeing and fellowship experienced by the five great young men on the trip: Colton, Braden, Marcus, Karsten, and Clay. You’ll learn about the Skills Training they underwent in preparation for the trip, see what life was like on the water and in camp, and learn about the morning devotions/talks on Christian manhood. What we hope you’ll find most moving are short videos where they describe what was most memorable about the trip, what they learned about masculinity, and how the experience brought them closer to God.

Get ready to experience the Boundary Waters Wilderness Canoe Area through the eyes of some great young men as OMM begins a new phase in guiding teens into Christian manhood!