The Antleope Hunt is Off to a FANTASTIC Start!

Hello from Hunting Camp! Yesterday was Day 1 of our Youth Antelope Hunt and we’re off to a fantastic start! We’ve got 7 great young men from 5 different states here, with 25 people total in camp. It was a total team effort in establishing our base camp of wall tents and then we hit the range. Together with their guide and mentor, the young men practiced shooting from various shooting positions to help them get ready for stalking antelope. They then received a hunting class to learn the basics of big-game hunting and enjoyed a hearty dinner of antelope spaghetti. Finally and most importantly, we began our Campfire Talks about Christian Masculinity: biblically-based discussions about Christian Manhood. With grown men sharing the challenges and struggles they faced growing up, we began helping the young men begin to answer 4 questions:

  1. What’s it mean to be a man?
  2. How do I become one?
  3. What should I be looking for in a girl/woman?
  4. How do I become truly alive?

It was an interesting night in the tents as we were rocked by 60mph winds! So now the young men are out chasing ‘speedgoats’, and we look forward to hearing their stories when they return.