Some Really Moving Stories From Our Hunt Applications

This the Community Tent where we gather to eat, laugh, pray, and conduct our Campfire Talks

We thought you might like to read some of the incredibly powerful stories that were shared during the application process for our upcoming hunts. Here’s just a few from the 35 applications we received (the names have been changed). Please continue to pray for these young men!

When “Joe” was 11, he was diagnosed with severe aplastic anemia. The cure involved chemotherapy, a bone marrow transplant, and a 2-month hospital stay. He received countless blood transfusions during the year and a half ordeal of treatment. he lived with a central line for 9 months and had a feeding tube for 6 months. At one point he was so weak he had to use a wheelchair. Over the past couple of years he has courageously pushed through the obstacles from his sickness. Unlike many adults, “Joe” has already come face to face with his own moratlity. He has processed this experience honestly, choosing to trust God and find comfort in His love. A trip like this could help him continue to find strength in God as he learns more about what it means to follow Him.”

“Joel’s” dad is an alcoholic who has walked away from the Lord. He’s not involved in his life at all.  I strive to bring Christian men into his life to break the generational issues from his dad and would be incredibly blessed if you chose him for this hunt.

“Chase” is a young man who is growing in maturity and in Christ.  He asked Jesus to be his savior when he was young and 2 years ago took the initiative to be baptized.  Last year “Chase” experienced a major medical emergency that altered some of his life’s goals.  God came through in miraculous ways and his faith was strengthened but it was a very hard year for him.  This hunt would help him gain back some of the things he’d lost.

“Jesse” is a good young man but at the age where he is testing boundaried and wearching for direction.  This is a great time for him to be having these talks about what it means to be a man and what his future spouse will need in him.  Encouragement in being a spiritual leader and to be growing in his faith.

“Ben’s” parent got divorced last year and it’s been tough on him.  He is desiring forgiveness and love.  It would mean so much for “Ben” to have this opportunity as he matures into the young man the Lord is calling him to be.

“Paul” is with his dad every other weekend.  His dad has no rules and does not attend church.  “Paul’s” been let down by him many times and does not have a real relationship with him.  He needs to be challenged and stretched in the steps of Christian manhood.

“Steve” comes from a broken home.  He battles depression and is without a father to show him the way in life. He’s struggling with anger at his biological father for leaving us and really needs a guide in life. This hunt would allow him to see what masculine men who love Jesus are really like. The campfire talks would help him develop into a Godly man but more importantly, just being around strong men of God who love life would be so powerful for him.