Skills Training – What the Young Men Learned & Why It’s Important

OMM believes a core component of masculinity is confidence. If a teen is to become the man God created him to be, he must have confidence in himself. Where does confidence come from? A strong source is feeling capable, and possessing skills increases this feeling of capability.

A fundamental part of all OMM trips is teaching outdoor skills that result in confidence. We’ve seen this time and again on our deer hunts – the young man who was initially timid and lacking confidence at the start of the hunt downs his first deer…and is instantly transformed! The pride and confidence as he tells his hunting tale just radiates from his soul!

The first two days of our wilderness canoe trips teach the young men the skills they’ll need once we enter Boundary Waters. Despite torrid rains on this trip, the young men underwent hands-on classes on fishing techniques, paddling methods, first aidand how to portage a canoe. They learned to use a compass and map to navigate their way through the maze of island-filled lakes. Most had never cleaned a fish before – and while the result of their first fish-cleaning effort looked as if a rototiller had gone through the bass, they got it done! This all made eating the fish so much more meaningful. They’d navigated and paddled the lake, had hooked/battled/landed the fish, and then had cleaned it themselves. They had gathered meat for the group, having PROVIDED for others!

Below are some pics from the Skills Training. Well done, young men!