Please Welcome Our Newest Board Member: Mr. Ben Hass!

We’re extremely excited to welcome Ben Hass to OMM’s Board Of Directors! He’s become very involved in a short period of time, assisting us with our Gear Acquisition Operations, praying for the young men we serve, and was an outstanding guide on last year’s deer hunt! All our Board Members have specific focus areas, and Ben’s will be on our Summer Wilderness Canoeing Trips in Minnesota’s Boundary Waters Wilderness Canoe Area. He lives just a few hours from the Boundary Waters and will take lead on finding the right kids for our trips, logistical support, and guiding canoe trips if his schedule allows. Ben will also be guiding on our elk/deer/antelope hunts this fall!

Below is a bit more about him along with a terrific pic of him and his son. Ben has a huge heart for what we do, and we’re so honored to have him on the OMM Leadership Team. We’d also like to welcome his lovely wife Janae!

“Ben is an avid outdoorsman, father (2 kids), and husband. His wife Janae and family run a small resort in northern Minnesota and he also does carpentry and property management. Ben grew up in a foster family for 20 years and enjoys helping troubled youth. He did ten years of Bible study at the county jails, and is involved with hosting a men’s Bible study with area churches.”