Please meet OMM’s newest board member, Mr. BJ Rice!

All of us at OMM couldn’t be more excited to welcome BJ Rice to our Board of Directors!  BJ’s already had a dramatic impact in helping guide teens into Christian manhood, serving as a guide on our inaugural Boundary Waters trips this past June. He’s stepped up to the plate in taking on several ambitious initiatives to help us impact even more young men!  Learn a little about BJ and his tremendous heart!

Married for 20 years to Myriam with two wonderful children (Will & Trinity).

I am greatly passionate about the outdoors and God’s creation.  There is no doubt that being outside in the wilderness brings me closer to Him and helps me reflect on what it is He wants for my life.  I also enjoy woodworking and gardening since they also get me out of the house and focus on using nature to create something special.

Why OMM?
God had blessed my family so my wife and I have been searching for the perfect opportunity to give back. OMM seeks to teach a new generation about God and the outdoors which are two pillars in my life.  I felt this was God’s call for me and there is no denying that which He calls us to do.

What makes powerful for young men?
OMM shows younger men that it can be manly to have a relationship with God.  Through the process of learning these outdoor skills (hunting, shooting, fishing, navigation, etc.) these young men get to see firsthand that being a strong man of faith does not preclude you from being a strong capable man in the outdoors.  Hopefully these skills will give them confidence to continue to seek outdoor adventure and even to teach their own families one day.