Overview of Next Month’s Boundary Waters Trip!

We’re about a month out from our inaugural wilderness canoe trip in Boundary Waters so we thought you’d like an overview of how it will go!

The eight youth, mentors and OMM staff will arrive at the Long Lake State Park campground on Sunday, June 25th, where for the next day-and-a half they’ll receive classes on skills they’ll put need when we’re in Boundary Waters. Fire starting, canoe paddling techniques, map navigation, water purification, fishing techniques, how to clean a fish, and field sanitation will all be important for the next several days. On Tuesday, June 27th we’ll launch the OMM fleet! Boundary Waters officials keep it wild by limiting the number of people entering it; one must enter at a designated entry point, and they limit how many groups can launch per day at each entry point.

We’ll launch from the entry point on Moose Lake and portage our gear to Wind Lake. The word, “portage” is a fancy way of saying, “carry your gear!” We’ll make several round trips to get everything across, totaling about 5 miles (it’s the yellow line on the map). We’ll then make base camp at a remote campsite on the north end of Wind Lake. There are only a handful of sites spread out around the lake with usually a mile or more separating them. A fire pit and pit toilet are the only amenities.

3 days of fishing, exploration, swimming, eating and laughing will follow! During this time the young men will put into practice all the skills they learned during their training. We’ll paddle out the final day, overnight at a bunkhouse, and everyone will take home fantastic memories and hopefully a greater love for God’s creation.

We’ll post lots of pictures and details from the trip!