OMM’s First-Ever Elk Hunt Was a Phenomenal Success!

There’s SO MUCH to tell you about our hunt this past weekend! The young men truly “Manned Up,” as hunting conditions were brutal: dawn brought temperatures of minus 15 with wind chills of 30 below zero! They showed tremendous grit, strength, and determination….as well as hunting skill! They harvested five elk in just two days of hunting, a true testament not only to their marksmanship but strong mindset and “Embrace The Suck” mentality. They had to WORK for these elk – often they trudged miles through deep snow to get it done. They wolfed down delicious antelope chili, venison stew, and our Dessert Contest, where every youth/mentor team brought their best sweets, was a fierce competition!

Each evening they gathered for our Campfire Talks: biblically-based discussions about Christian Masculinity. Through these discussions, OMM aimed to “plant the seeds” within their souls about what kind of man God is calling them to be. They got to interact with a Parks & Wildlife officer, asking intelligent, thoughtful questions. The final Campfire Talk closed with worship songs by the fire and knives being presented, each engraved with the young man’s name. The knife symbolizes that they’re a warrior for Christ.

But wait! We’re not done! We’ve got ANOTHER youth hunt this weekend! Seven new young men will continue the chase for elk, brotherhood, and God. Stay tuned!!!!!