OMM’s Campfire Talks Part 7 (Final): What’s Next in Wilderness survival training for young men.

Wilderness survival training

This is the final part of a series about OMM’s Campfire Talks. By this time, the young men have discussed the 5 things a man is called to be and do: Dangerous, A Battle To Fight, Warrior/Protector, A Beauty To Rescue, and An Adventure To Live. Below are the discussion facilitator’s notes as the young men think about where they go from here.


Take time to process all of this

Ask questions:  what do I REALLY want to do?  What makes me come alive?  When I dream of the future, what’s that look like?

Remember don’t let the “how” strangle it.  That’s God’s job with your help (determination and drive)

If God puts it on your heart he will equip you and open doors.  You just need to show up.  Have courage. 

Work with your mentor.  Have these kind of conversations. (Mentors:  read “The Way of the Wild Heart”)

Focus on relationship with God. 

VIDEO:  Act of Valor Tecumsah’s Poem

VIDEO:  Gladiator:  What we do in life echoes in eternity.

Wilderness survival training