OMM’s Campfire Talks Part 5: A Beauty To Rescue

This is part of a series of posts about the Campfire Talks we conduct while on our wilderness adventures. The talks are based upon the book ‘Wild At Heart’ by John Eldredge and focus on the 5 things what every man must be and do. Below are the outline/discussion points for the facilitator as you learn about area number four: A Beauty To Rescue

5 Things Every Man Must Be/Do:


Battle To Fight


A Beauty To Rescue

An Adventure To Live



VIDEO:  Romance from Lord of the Rings

QUESTION FOR MENTORS:  What was it like trying to figure girls out?

Our focus is on becoming a man.  Bonus:  learn secrets of how to get the girl.  Men spend their entire lives maddeningly trying to figure women out.  Jokes.  Movies.  But women, like men, have needs/desires:

  1.  Wants to be wanted.  Fought for.
  2. An adventure to share.  Be strong and part of the adventure.    Men make mistake and believe she IS the adventure.  She wants to be caught up in  something greater than herself.
  3. Be the beauty, be delighted in.

Proof?  Boys play war, girls play “wedding.”   Why?  She’s wanted by the man.  Wedding is the start of an adventure, it’s HER day as the beauty in her dress (why they spend thousands $ on a dress for 1 day)

Core desire in both men and women is for a strong man to rescue the beautiful woman.

Fairly tales:  Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Frozen, Tangled.

Woman is God’s most magnificent creation.  Eve is the crown of creation.  Creation story gets better and better with each passing day.  More magnificent.  Final day he made Eve.  God’s finishing touch.  

Written on our hearts.  God programmed us this way.

Women need a lover and a warrior, not a really nice guy.  She needs strength in a man.  

Look at how you want to “show off” in front of a girl.  A beautiful girl makes you want to charge the castle, slay the giant, leap across a dangerous river.  Hit a home run.

Women strong and wild too but different wildness.  Look at male/female lion.  Male is awesome to behold:  strength, ferocious, leader.  Female lion is wild and strong but is feminine; more seductive than fierce.

Words extremely important to most women.  She is made for and craves words from him.  

Talk briefly about the 5 Love Languages.  Read it!

  1. Quality Time
  2. Physical Touch
  3. Gifts
  4. Acts of Service
  5. Words of Affirmation (most women have a strong element of this)

Questions she’s really asking you:

– Will you pursue me?

– Will you fight for me?

– Do you delight in me?

Back to man’s number one fear of “I’m not enough.”  So many men won’t initiate a relationship, won’t commit, won’t fully offer everything they have…because they fear they don’t have what it takes.”

WARNING:  So many women are looking for a man to “make them happy.”  To fulfill them.  To satisfy her.  No man’s ever been created to really do that.  Only GOD can fully provide what she needs, THE SAME AS YOU.  

As you’re looking at girls, be sure to focus on ones who are emotionally healthy.  Who turn to God to truly provide what they need.  They should be looking for the same in a guy.  If they say, “I just want a guy that makes me happy” then RUN!  Only God can truly fulfill her.  And YOU.. You shouldn’t be looking to get validation from a woman. You both need to get what you need most from GOD, not another human being.  

Read “Captivating.”