OMM’s Campfire Talks Part 1: Overview

As you likely know, OMM’s mission is “To Help Guide Teens into Christian Manhood.” Our wilderness adventures equip the young men with outdoor skills that result in confidence so critical in becoming a man. While on these adventures, we conduct our Campfire Talks. These are biblically-based discussions based upon the book, ‘Wild At Heart’ by John Eldredge. You’ve seen pictures of the adventure part; now learn about the critical discussions we have about Christian Masculinity. This is the first in a series of posts outlining the talks in which youths and adults alike participate. part of a series on OMM’s Campfire Talks. Through these notes for the discussion facilitator, we hope you gain a better understanding of these talks which are critical as they journey the road to Christian manhood.



Opening  Prayer

Out here for 2 big reasons:

A. Learn hunting skills  – result in confidence, fun, and adventure.

B.  Campfire Talks – Help you begin to answer 4 questions.  Plant seeds.

  1. What does it mean to be a man?”
  2. How do I become one?
  3. What should I look for in a Godly girl? What should she look for in me?
  4. How do I become truly alive?

 Mentors/guides – raise hand if struggled. 

QUESTION: FAVORITE MOVIE:/VIDEO GAM Gonna see why relevant thru these talks.  Drawn to them cuz God made you that way as a man.

QUESTION:  What’s a word you want people to use to describe you?

Who would you rather be?

VIDEO 1:  Mister Rogers

QUESTION:  How would you describe him?  Classic “Nice Guy.”  Polite.  Nothing wrong with that…true men are called to be polite and care for others.  But would you rather have someone think of you as Mr. Rogers or….

VIDEO 2:  Braveheart- Inspiring Speech

Fundamentally every man wants 5 things.  NEED these 5 things to fully feel a man.  Talk about each:

  1. Dangerous
  2. Hero/Battle to Fight
  3. Warrior/Protector
  4. Beauty to  Rescue
  5. Adventure to Live

VIDEO 3 Never Truly Lived  –  Stage setter. All about attitude.  Some people coast thru life without purpose.  At age now we’re you’re deciding on your purpose, God’s purpose for your life (not all the answers yet).

QUESTION:  What does that mean to you?  To truly live?  Is hunting out here living?  An adventure to live?  You have a gift to give to the world!

VIDEO 4:  Braveheart: All Men Die, Not Every Man Lives

“All Men Die; Not Every Man Really Lives.”

QUESTION:  What does that mean to you?  To truly live?



  • Guy wearing leather jacket, big truck, swaggers – trying too hard.  Look manly but cartoonish
  • Fear of being found out/faking it  (especially with a girl)
  • “When the going gets tough, will I really come through?”
  • Where come from?  Adam in the Garden  (stands there, doesn’t lead, doesn’t crush serpent, just goes along with serpent/Eve like a docile sheep. SAYS NOTHING.  Didn’t fight evil.  Didn’t protect Eve)
  • Man’s greatest need:  RESPECT.  (Marriage On The Rock) Greatest fear is not earning respect (especially from women) Talk about a woman’s greatest need soon 

Most men’s lives are far from the desires of their heart.  Only battles are traffic.  Swords and castles of boyhood replaced with pens and cubicles. 

Not putting those men down.  Important and provide for family/being a good Dad. Point is that there’s SOMETHING MORE.

Result?  Angry men.  Bored men.  Sports addicts (biggest adventure they get).

Most men killing time and it’s killing them.  Yearn to build a boat and sail the world.  That’s what God built them for.  Why God gave them dreams – otherwise it’s just cruel.  God wants you to follow your dreams.

QUESTIONS TO ASK THEMSELVES THROUGH TEENHOOD:  Ask them what they want to do.  What makes them feel really alive?  What’s their passion?  

Closing Prayer