OMM Will Be On 150 Radio Stations in 30 States!

Steve Osterholzer, the founder/director of Of Mountains & Men, was recently interviewed on Kinder Outdoors. They’re an outdoor talk radio program with a solid Christian emphasis. They’ve hosted such greats as Jim Zumbo, Craig Boddington, Walt Garrison, Johnny Rutherford, Governor Bill Clements, T.Boone Pickens, Jim Shockey, Michael Waddell, Jase Robertson and General Chuck Yeager…all great men in their field with great passions for the outdoors. So we’re humbled and excited to have Of Mountains & Men be part of their show!

On Saturday, August 12th, the interview with OMM will be part of their broadcast at 9 a.m. EST on over 150 radio stations in 30 states and their Sirius XM network (Channel 147). It’s live now at the link below. The 12-minute interview is broken into two parts and they’re easy to find.

Please consider forwarding this to anyone you know who may want to get involved with OMM. They may know a young man who would benefit from our adventures, be interested in volunteering or supporting us financially.

Today the radio, tomorrow a major motion picture about OMM!

Here’s the link to listen to the interview: