More Than 30 Men Have Stepped Up To Serve God On Our Big Game Hunts!

We put out a call for volunteers and you answered! More than 30 men have stepped up to serve the young men going on our big game hunts (sneak peak at next week’s email: you’ll learn a bit about who they are and why they’re being called to serve God thru OMM). We actually had more volunteers than we have slots for – a good problem to have!

We’re extremely grateful to the following men. Many are sacrificing their own hunting time and are traveling great distances–men are coming from Michigan, North Dakota, Minnesota, New Mexico and across Colorado to help guide the young men into Christian manhood!

Please pray for them as they read/reread “Wild At Heart,” get time off from work, and rearrange important family events to make this hunt happen. We’re extremely grateful for the following men:

Ben B.

Kevin N.

Phil K.

Chad V.

Dan S.

Shea P.

Thomas M.

Josh L.

Dillon M.

Ben H.

Paul W.

Jensen M.

Tom B.


Chase P.

Matt M.

Mike A.

Kirby N.

Dusty V.

Jim L.

Justin H.

Johnathan M.

Caleb E.

Larry L.

Mark K.

Scott S.

Mike H.

Randy M.

Brandon K.

Justin K.

Zion B.