Mentor Information

Thank you for your interest in being an OMM mentor! Here’s some essential info:

THE MENTOR’S ROLE: Your primary role is simply to be a man your assigned youth feels comfortable with in discussing Christian masculinity and to be a role model of what a solid Christian man is. There is no “one-on-one” curriculum; rather, everyone participates in the nightly Campfire Talks. YOU DON’T NEED TO KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT HUNTING! We have skilled guides who will lead you and your youth on your hunting adventure. If you’re new to big-game hunting, however, it’s an excellent opportunity for you to learn too.

WHOM YOU WOULD MENTOR: Every youth has a mentor with them throughout the hunt. Most bring a mentor with them, be it their father, relative, or family friend. Occasionally we have a few youths in need of a mentor: that’s YOU! These boys often come from broken homes, live in single-mom households, and generally lack a father figure in their lives. Prior to the hunt, we’ll link you, your guide, and your youth up in the hopes the three of you can get to know each other before the hunt. Single moms understandably often want to talk with/meet their son’s mentor before the hunt.

We’re doing five hunts in serving 33 young hunters. Here’s the essential info:

HUNT DATES/LENGTH/DAILY OPERATIONS:  All hunts are over weekends, beginning on Friday at noon and ending Monday at noon. You must be there at noon Friday, but we understand if you have to work Monday. While it’s preferred you stay thru Monday morning, you can leave late Sunday night.

HUNT 1 (Pronghorn): Oct 18-21

HUNT 2 (Cow Elk): Jan 3-6

HUNT 3 (Cow Elk): Jan 10-13

HUNT 4 (Cow Elk): Jan 17-20

HUNT 5 (Cow Elk): Jan 24-27

FRIDAY: Arrival, camp setup, range operations, hunt class for youth/mentors, and Campfire Talk 1 (more info below).

SATURDAY & SUNDAY: Hunt hard all day with Campfire Talks 2 and 3 at night.

MONDAY: Recovery operations and depart NLT noon.

LOCATION/HUNTING STYLE: All hunts occur on 80,00 acres of private land leased exclusively by Tri-State Outfitters in the Peyton, Colorado area (approximately 20 miles NE of Colorado Springs). This is an incredible property: last year 19 of the 21 young hunters harvested an animal. We saw approximately 100 pronghorn per day and elk in the hundreds – that’s not an exaggeration.

BASECAMP: We’ll basecamp out of Tri-State’s Lodge in Peyton. Everyone will sleep in a heated area with cots provided. We’ll have use of a modern bathroom, a heated area to eat, and a beautiful room in the Lodge for our Campfire Talks.

MEALS: All meals are provided.

HUNT TEAM ORGANIZATION: Each youth/mentor team will have their own guide.

VEHICLES: You’ll use your guide’s vehicle.

REIMBURSEMENT: We’ll reimburse your gas costs to and from your house up to $400.

BOOK REQUIREMENT: Our Campfire Talks are discussions based on the book Wild At Heart by John Eldredge. EVERYONE on the hunt participates in these discussions, so you’re required to read/listen to it as well.

CAMPFIRE TALKS: Each night we conduct Campfire Talks to help the young men begin to answer 4 questions:

1. What does it mean to be a man?

2. How do I become one?

3. What does a woman need in a Godly man?

4. How do I become truly alive?

VALUES: OMM’s an unabashedly Christian ministry with conservative Christian values. We believe the Bible is the literal Word of God and is the indisputable guide in how to live one’s life. Additionally, below are OMM’s Core Beliefs. We respectfully ask you to only apply if your values and beliefs align with ours. We believe:

* That boys need a guide on the journey to manhood

* Masculinity is bestowed by a man or a group of men

* While men and women should be valued equally, God made them differently. Men and women have distinct, God-ordained roles.

BACKGROUND CHECK: All guides, OMM-provided mentors, and cooks will undergo a background check, which OMM will pay for.

If you know of a man who would be a good fit as a guide, mentor, or cook, please tell them about us!

If you have questions, please email us at

READY TO JOIN US? First, please pray about this decision. If God’s calling you to serve, please click HERE.

Thank you! It takes a brotherhood of men to help guide teens into Christian manhood.