Meet OMM Board Member Joel Tuning!

We thought it would be neat for you to briefly learn about the men who are the driving force behind OMM, so we’ll occasionally tell you about them over the next few months. Today we’d like to introduce you to Joel Tuning! He’s a career firefighter, and he and his wife Amy have six incredible kids!

What are your passions and hobbies? 

My hobbies have always included being outdoors. I love camping with my family, hunting, fishing, lifting weights, and hiking the mountains of Yellowstone National Park where I work.

Why did I get involved in OMM?

I got involved in OMM because I have a passion for Jesus, hunting, fishing, and helping young men in their life journeys. In this current world that we live in, our young men have to face new challenges that are hard. Masculinity is under serious attack, and I have seen firsthand the damage that has been done to some of my own relatives. I have made it my mission to ensure that with God’s help, I can be there for these young men and combat this problem that we’re faced with. OMM’s mission of “Guiding Teens into Christian Manhood” is what fires me up as a board member for this incredible ministry!

What makes it such a powerful, life-shaping experience for these young men?

The experience these young men have on the OMM trips is incredible! These trips are filled with adventure, whether it be stalking a big-game animal during a hunt in Colorado or fighting a giant smallmouth bass on the end of their pole on a breathtaking lake in the Boundary Waters. The bonding that happens as a group, learning outdoor skills, and encouraging conversations with a family member or mentor is priceless. Most importantly, it’s about the time spent focusing on the Lord and learning what it means to be a Godly man through our campfire talks! The experience that these young men walk away with not only encourages them, but our hope is that this will be something that sticks with them forever.