Meet OMM Board Member Ben Hass!

Every few weeks, we introduce an OMM Board Member to you. We’re very excited and honored to have Ben Hass join our ranks! You may have read about him when we introduced him several months ago, but now you’ll be introduced to his wonderful family and get a glimpse of what’s inside his heart.

What are your passions/hobbies? I think the thing I enjoy the most is archery, whether target practicing or getting in the woods hunting. Duck hunting is a close second. There is just something about that crisp fall air, thermos of coffee, and anything outdoors.

Why did you get involved with OMM? I had decided early on in life that I was going to someday have a boys’ home, when the season is right. I had family members that said I needed to meet “Steve” when I was visiting in Colorado because of my future dream and passion for anything outdoors. After having supper with Steve and hearing what OMM’s purpose was, I was all in.

What makes it so powerful for these young men? Young men today really struggle with finding adventure that has substance. I think the ability for them to see they can provide not only food but the experience of conquering the outdoors and all that mother nature has to throw at them builds more than just character but man’s God-given purpose. You can see it in their faces when they get back to camp and get to share their hunting story with the group or help drag out a fellow hunter’s animal. Their success is not measured in a kill, but rather in their experience in between bonfires.