Learn A Little Bit About Our Hunting Guides, Cooks, and Mentors

Last week we told you how more than 30 men have stepped up to support the young men on our upcoming big game hunts. We thought you might like to know a bit about who they are and why they’re being called to serve God through OMM.

I was saved in 2006 and feel passionate about the world of men in our faith. I’ve attended a Wild At Heart Boot Camp, and have been a sponsor for Operation Restored Warrior (a spring off of Randsomesd Heart for veterans with PTSD). I’ve served 3 combat tours in the Army and am an excellent cook!”

“I received Christ in 3rd grade, have a daily walk with Christ, and desire to help others come to know and mature in Christ. I’ve served in both youth and children’s ministry for five years and chaplaincy for most of my adult life.”

“I was led to the Lord in 1985 and owned/operated an outfitting business for more than 30 years. I have extensive horse and mule skills; I’ve guided many hunts for mountain lion, bear, elk, antelope, and deer.”

“I’ve climbed, hiked, and camped for more than 40 years and have been elk and antelope hunting for more than 10 years. I lead a climbing small group at my church and feel called to invest in other young men.”

“I’m a professional guide for elk, deer, and antelope. THIS MINISTRY IS SO NEEDED! Young men desperately need a guide to help them on the journey to manhood!”

“I grew up without a father. I would have given anything to have been part of this ministry as a teen.”