Introducing OMM’s Newest Trip: Winter Adventure!

Okay. We know it’s summer. You’re likely reveling in the sunshine-filled days of blooming flowers and wearing shorts. So why in the world are we introducing you to our Winter Adventure trip NOW? Because that’s how we roll!

Our Strategic Plan calls for OMM to conduct three types of adventures: big-game hunting in Colorado, wilderness canoeing along the Canadian/Minnesota border, and Winter Adventure. With the launching of our inaugural canoeing trip later this month combined with our long-standing big-game hunts, we’re approaching full implementation of Phase 1 of our Strategic Plan (link below if you’d like to read it). Our third and final trip type is Winter Adventure.

This trip will model the others in that the young men will learn outdoor skills that breed confidence: snowmobiling, ice fishing, dogsledding, cross-country skiing, and snowshoeing. The young men will even learn to build snow caves and spend the night in them (weather permitting). We’ll incorporate our nightly Campfire Talks on Christian masculinity as well.

When will we start running our Winter Adventure trips? We’re not entirely sure yet, but we wouldn’t be surprised if it’s sooner rather than later. The growth rate for Of Mountains & Men has exceeded our wildest dreams, thanks in large measure to your support. So stay tuned!

Click HERE to read more details about our Winter Adventure trip in the OMM Strategic Plan.