In Honor of Sam Nugent – A Young Man With A Warrior’s Heart

Our hearts are deeply sorrowed today at the loss of Sam Nugent. Sam was on our Youth Deer Hunt last November, and today is the service celebrating his life. 

Sam made a strong impression on all of us blessed to experience the OMM trip with him and his dad, Ben. The weather had turned cold and snowy at the start of his hunt, but Sam never complained. His spirits were high, eyes bright with excitement! Zion guided Sam and his dad on a thrilling stalk, watched by all through binoculars as the trio worked down a very steep hill. We watched Sam settle in to shoot, and tension was high for the spectators as we watched the drama and prayed. Sam made a PERFECT shot! He’d harvested his first big game animal, and the joy in his eyes you see in the photo was priceless.

We’re humbled and awed that the Nugent family asked that, in lieu of people sending flowers, they make a donation to OMM. They want other young men like Sam to have the life-shaping experience their son had. We’ve set up a donations page at

Please pray for the Nugent family today and in the time to come. Sam had a personal relationship with Jesus and we have no doubt we’ll see him when we’re with The Lord – the world’s loss is heaven’s gain. We don’t know if there’s deer hunting in heaven, but if there is, Sam’s surely on a stalk right now with Jesus as his guide.