Fishing on the OMM Youth Trip!

Everyone rated “fishing” as one of the highlights of the trip…and for good reason! Every day we caught fish, lots of fish, and some MONSTER fish! The young men pulled in a steady stream of walleye, largemouth bass, northern pike, and smallmouth bass. Several of them were “rookie” fishermen, this being their first real fishing experience. And boy, did God ever place some great fish on their hooks!

One in particular was a largemouth bass caught by Karsten. He was new to fishing and was a great student during the fishing classes taught in Skills Training. Together with Josh and Steve, the three of them hit the water at 4:30 a.m. to cast topwater lures for bass. Our prayers for Karsten to catch a bass were not just answered but answered in a way that brings “Jonah & The Whale” to mind! His very first fish was a MONSTER largemouth bass – 22 inches long and weighing over 8 pounds. What a beast! If you’re a bass fisherman you know that this was the fish of a lifetime. Other huge fish included a 41-inch northern pike and a 27-inch walleye!

There are few sounds in the wilderness more satisfying than fresh walleye sizzling in the frying pan, a sound that was heard often during this trip. But perhaps the sweetest sound of all was one heard so often echoing across the lake…the sound of an excited young man yelling, “FISH ON!”