Final Day of the Antelope Hunt: All 7 Young Men Get It Done, Final Campfire Talk, and Knife Presentation

As the final day of the Antelope Hunt concluded, we couldn’t be more PROUD of these seven great young men. Every single one of them harvested their very first antelope! Five of them tagged out during the first day of hunting, and the remaining two made great shots in harvesting their own animals. So we had a 100% success rate, which is surely a testament to God’s great love and provision! Our final Campfire Talk was incredibly moving and powerful, thanks to the great advice the adults gave the young men. We concluded this life-shaping experience by gathering around an outdoor campfire beneath a sky brimming with stars (the night sky in the above photo is simply stunning – thank you Tony Hill!) Each young man was presented a knife with their name and OMM engraved on it, both for them to remember the hunt by and as a symbol that they are all Warriors.

Soon we’ll send out our final post about this incredible adventure, where you’ll get to hear from the young men themselves about what they thought of this life-shaping experience.