Day 3 Of The Antelope Hunt: Camp Life

We’ve given much attention to the Campfire Talks and the hunts themselves, for they’re the primary way we help guide teens into Christian Manhood. The hunts arm them with skills that result in confidence, and the Campfire Talks help them to think about masculinity. But there’s more to these hunts….so much more!

(The picture above is of the lodge area where our base camp is located!)

We house everyone in wall tents with heaters, cots and lights. With 14 hunters/mentors crammed into our biggest wall tent, they really get to “know their buddy!” (Check out the pic). Our two phenomenal cooks, Tom and Shea, work tirelessly to feed the hungry hunters with hearty meals. Once they harvested their animal, the young men got to go hiking, shoot archery, and even fishing for bass and trout! Most importantly, fellowship and laughter are everywhere!

God’s fingerprints are all over this hunt for Of Mountains & Men.