Day 2 Of The Antelope Hunt – God Blessed Us So Richly!

Day 1 saw us setting up base camp, putting rounds downrange, enjoying antelope spaghetti, and our first Campfire Talk. Day 2 was our first day of hunting and what a day it was! Five of the young men made outstanding shots in downing their first antelope!

Their animals were certainly well-earned. Nearly everyone experienced a half-dozen or more stalks, often crawling hundreds of yards (even through cactus!). Shots were long, but they rose to the challenge! A gorgeous sunset was as broad as these young hunters’ smiles.

In addition to elk burgers and our second campfire talk, we were blessed to have a presentation by Mr. Casey Westbrook, a game warden with Colorado Parks & Wildlife. The young men asked great questions as the talks revolved around hunting laws, ethics, how he became a game warden, and what his daily life is like. Casey’s the officer who resourced many of the tags for the hunts and we presented him with a beautiful plaque handmade by BJ Rice, who serves on OMM’s Board of Directors. We’ve included a pic of Casey’s plaque and three others BJ made for people we want to thank.

The hunt continues today for two great young men as the others receive classes on how to skin/process their animals. Tonight’s concluding campfire is sure to be a special one so look for another blog post tomorrow. God is SO good!