A Tremendous THANK YOU to Tri-State Outfitters!

We’re very excited that in addition to our traditional deer hunts, this year we’re adding elk and antelope hunts for OMM’s young men! Bridger and Janelle Petrini are the owners/operators of Tri-State Outfitters, one of the top-rated big-game hunting outfitters in the West. They believe in what OMM is doing and have very generously donated the five antelope tags for our October hunt. These tags are worth many thousands of dollars! Additionally, for both our antelope and elk hunts, they’ve given us exclusive access to 80,000 acres of private land and are allowing us to base camp at their lodge.

Words simply can’t convey our immense gratitude to Bridger and Janelle. They’ve built a strong family based on Christian principles and a love for the outdoors. We’re incredibly blessed to have them on the OMM team, as together we help guide teens into Christian Manhood.

Click HERE to learn more about Tri-State Outfitters.