2024 Elk Hunts

The 2 elk hunts we conducted in January, 2024 were our biggest and best hunts ever on SOOOO many levels!  First was the number of young men we served: thirteen young men experienced the adventure of big-game elk hunting for the first time. Second was the number of grown men who selflessly invested their time and skill as guides, mentors and cooks, some of whom drove from Minnesota, North Dakota, and New Mexico. Between the two hunts we had nearly 60 people in camp! We had some great new additions to this year’s program: in addition to hunting, great meals, the knives presentation, and our thought-provoking Campfire Talks, a Colorado Parks & Wildlife Officer gave a great talk, and we closed with a young Worship Leader leading us in singing praises to God!

THE HUNTING WAS PHENOMENAL!  Eleven of the thirteen young men harvested an elk in just 2 days of hunting! That’s a success rate of 85%.This alone is an incredible stat, as the success rate for Colorado elk season is around 10%. But when you consider that these are not experienced adults, but rather are teenagers on their very first hunt? That’s nothing but the hand of God!

All of the young men truly “manned up,” as the hunts were physically and mentally challenging. The young men on the first hunt faced brutal hunting conditions: knee-deep snow, temperatures of fifteen below zero, and wind chills down to 30 below zero! Some stalks lasted hours, with the teams pursuing their prey for many miles on foot. 

Most importantly, however, we conducted terrific Campfire Talks to help the young men begin to answer 4 questions:

1. What does it mean to be a man?

2. How do I become one?

3. What does a woman need in a Christian man?

4. How do I become truly alive?

We want to thank everyone who helped make this such an epic hunt. But most importantly, thank you God for this life-shaping experience!